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  • Rosemary Chicken

    Przepis dodany:
    Rosemary Chicken
    Wonderful, delicate and moist chicken, representing a new flavour I haven't tried before. I strongly recommend preparing such dinner. We all fell in love with sweet potatoes! They are so soft, sweet and filling! And they make a perfect couple with...
  • Coffolate Shortcake

    Przepis dodany:
    Coffolate Shortcake
    A very tasty shortcake, perfect for an Easter table. I have never tried such shortcakes, as my family was used to such Easter shortcakes (which are, indeed very tasty too), but this year I decided to try something new and I am not dissapointed. Try, try,...
  • Sour-Sweet Shortcake

    Przepis dodany:
    Sour-Sweet Shortcake
    There are sometimes recipe on the Internet, which - when you see them - you know - they are going to be just awesome :) And this is a perfect example of such situation. This is a perfect combination of sour orange jam and sweet white chocolate with some...
  • Easter Yoghurt Muffins

    Przepis dodany:
    Easter Yoghurt Muffins
    Basic, classic, elegant. This is one of the most useful recipe, for all occassions. So today, as an Easter Muffins I want to present them - yoghurt muffins with a nice, delicate lemon taste and a raspberry surprise inside. I realize that the biggest...
  • Citrus Snowballs

    Przepis dodany:
    Citrus Snowballs
    Here is another sweet recipe for cold, winter evenings at home. These snowballs are surprisingly tasty, sweet, orange, crunchy cookies which will be a good match for hot tea/cocoa, blanket aaand book or dreams ;)Also, if you're running out of time, they're...
  • Reindeer Cookies

    Przepis dodany:
    Reindeer Cookies
    If you ask me what kind of sweets do children choose most often during Christmas (among many on the table) the answer is: reindeer cookies from this recipe :) I baked them for my kindergarten party and they disappeared with a blink of an eye! Why? Well I...
  • Chocolate Cake

    Przepis dodany:
    Chocolate Cake
    I do enjoy baking birthday cakes for my friends. I always ask them for their favourite flavours and prepare a perfect cake. And Martha's frosting - oh my, that was the most wonderful chocolate mixture I've ever eaten! Unfortunately, as it was a gift, there...
  • Bajadera Reindeers

    Przepis dodany:
    Bajadera Reindeers
    Bajadera is always a fantastic, last second idea which always works and always tastes delicious :)I do recommend them, especially when you have no time and your oven is tired ;) it doesn't require baking ;) I do apologize for the bad quality of the...
  • Walnut Circles

    Przepis dodany:
    Walnut Circles
    These are very nice, crunchy cookies, which might be prepared in any shape desired, if only You have a cookie cutter :) Margarine gives all of the bakery that characteristic, outrageous taste that makes you want another cookie :) I think they're wonderful...
  • Banana Cupcakes

    Przepis dodany:
    Banana Cupcakes
    Another recipe for banana lovers :) They look cute and taste very good :) They're light and moist, not heavy and 'munchy'. Long time ago I made banana muffins and they were terrrrible... but it was ages ago and it was a bad recipe. This one is Martha's...
  • Banana Tart

    Przepis dodany:
    Banana Tart
    A very tasty, non-baking recipe for banana lovers :) I did enjoy it a lot :) It is quick, easy and very sweet :) Looks delicious and You can write something or make a nice heart, star, etc- shape on the top :)The recipe comes from this website, though...
  • Winter Snowballs

    Przepis dodany:
    Winter Snowballs
    Winter is coming, snow is slowly falling down from the sky and what's more important Christmas is coming as well, so here is another sweet recipe for cold winter evenings at home. These are surprisingly tasty, sweet, cinnamon crunchy cookies which will be...
  • Reindeers (Cupcakes)

    Przepis dodany:
    Reindeers (Cupcakes)
    Those Reindeers are literally galloping to your plate ;) Christmas-like cinnamon taste, delicate dough with sweet buttercream, sweet cherry and salty ears :) Not only they look wonderful but they will also take your palate and stomach straight to heaven...
  • Sweet Meringue Plum Cake

    Przepis dodany:
    Sweet Meringue Plum Cake
    I always wait so impatiently for plum season. I do love preparing plum cakes, they're always so delicious (even though I'm not really a plum-fan ;) )! I know I've waited too long to share this cake with You, but I hope that - at least for some of You - it...
  • Stylish Panna Cotta

    Przepis dodany:
    Stylish Panna Cotta
    Ohh how much I love preparing those little desserts! Perfect with coffee, vanilla-flavoured jelly-like dessert, easy to prepare and without using the oven :) It looks elegant on a party table and prepared in a more sophisticated way - it will impress Your...
  • Rafaello vol.2

    Przepis dodany:
    Rafaello vol.2
    I had some packs of crackers left and I needed a cake, extremely quickly with short preparation time. So I decided to upgrade the basic recipe and here it comes! It is definitely better than the previous one :)Ingredients: (for a small...
  • Carrot Cake #1

    Przepis dodany:
    Carrot Cake #1
    When the owner of MojeWypieki says this is the best carrot cake you've ever eaten, then... it really is the best carrot cake you'll ever eat, if you decide to prepare it. What a taste, my Godness! I can't believe how quickly did this cake disappear! I'm...
  • Best Brownies

    Przepis dodany:
    Best Brownies
    I'm playing with 'The very hungry caterpillar' story in a kindergarten with children, we're learning about food, I give them different food to taste (connected with a story) and here we are in front of a chocolate cake, one of the things a catepillar ate...
  • Raspberry Charlotte Cake

    Przepis dodany:
    Raspberry Charlotte Cake
    This perfect cake has only perfect advantages :) perfectly literally! :) It is perfect for a gift, it looks gorgeous, tastes wonderfully, it is extremely easy to make and doesn't require using an oven :)The recipe, slightly changed, comes from this...
  • Tropical Apple Pie

    Przepis dodany:
    Tropical Apple Pie
    The second I saw this recipe I knew - this is going to be the best apple pie in the Universe. So I made it, twice bigger than the original recipe says ;) And I was perfectly right :) I had quite a lot of it, all the guests were smitten with it, I gave some...
  • Chicken Soup

    Przepis dodany:
    Chicken Soup
    Best of all! Why? Explanation in 2 words - 'Mum's kitchen' ;) It is even said that this is the first and sometimes the only soup that children like ;) It is very easy to prepare, very tasty and healthy (it helps to cure for instance cold and flu ;)...
  • Advocaat

    Przepis dodany:
    Wonderful! Best of all :) my favourite :) It isn't really something to drink, it is something to EAT with a teaspoon, as it gets really thick :) It will be as strong as You want it to be - the more vodka You add, the more strong it is. I do...
  • Raspberry Buns

    Przepis dodany:
    Raspberry Buns
    Absolutely stunning! Best buns I've ever eaten! Soft, moist, sweet raspberries plus mascarpone cheese make a wonderful couple if it comes to the taste and the overall effect is outrageous :) Perfect for breakfast, lunch, either at home or at work/school. A...
  • Snickers Cheesecake

    Przepis dodany:
    Snickers Cheesecake
    When I was little, we had a small shop nearby, where you could have bought a delicious cheesecake called 'snickers'. We used to buy it every weekend and devour it very quickly :) But the shop was closed and the cheesecake disappeared. We couldn't have...
  • Cherry Éclairs

    Przepis dodany:
    Cherry Éclairs
    Uhh, at first they seem so quick and easy, but the filling and final preparing them was more of a challenge :) However, the final outcome is really wonderful :) I gave a good plate for my brother, but before he reached his house, the plate was already...
  • Fruit Jellies

    Przepis dodany:
    Fruit Jellies
    Very tasty, fruity, healthy, natural jellies, possible to be prepared from many different fruit, especially, if you have no idea, what to do with them or when they are...way too ripe ;) Lack of artificial substances is undoubtedly their biggest...
  • Plum Dumplings

    Przepis dodany:
    Plum Dumplings
    That's a very delicious, quick, easy and light dinner :) Soft, sweet, might be served with butter, sugar or shredded coconut. Children love it! It is definitely worth trying! :)Recipe comes from my Grandmum :)Ingredients:10 boiled potatoes2-3 pinches of...
  • Meringue Cookies

    Przepis dodany:
    Meringue Cookies
    Mmm! Very nice and elegant cookies! Equally sweet and sour. Though if You don't like the sour taste of lemon, the filling may be different, as a lot of fillings match here :) And - If You're running out of time, there is no need to bake a home-made...
  • Sunflower cake

    Przepis dodany:
    Sunflower cake
    Ohh delicious! Remains in a constant battle with Gourmet Sensation ;) I have no idea which one is better! Easy to make, will smitten all your guests ;) P.S. here is a small secret: as this cake contains sunflower seeds, it is claimed that it is...
  • Cherry Cube

    Przepis dodany:
    Cherry Cube
    Ohh wonderful! Truly chocolate, soft, mouth-watering - and - to my great surprise - it is not heavy and not extremely sweet :) frankly, it is its enormous advantage! This cake will wonderfully decorate your table and enrapture your guests. I do...
  • Shortcake - Mazurek

    Przepis dodany:
    Shortcake - Mazurek
    Traditional Polish Easter cake. Though its 'traditionally traditional' version is very flat, crunchy, with variety of toppings like mincemeat, my version, deriving from south part of Poland is much higher, with different filling, very easy and very sweet...
  • Strawberry Yoghurt Cake

    Przepis dodany:
    Strawberry Yoghurt Cake
    I was looking for a nice strawberry cake recipe. But not the strawberry cake I’ve already made, ahh, I craved for something new, as I’m addicted to trying new recipes. And I found this strawberry yoghurt cake. One word: Wow! That’s the quickest and...
  • Basil paste

    Przepis dodany:
    Basil paste
    I came across this recipe while looking for an alternative breakfast recipes. This paste sounded really perfect to me - something new, quick and easy to make. And - believe me, it tastes really, really good - some of you may know flavoured butters...
  • Puff pastry cookies with strawberries and Nutella

    Przepis dodany:
    Puff pastry cookies with strawberries and Nutella
    Are unexpected guests coming soon? Don't you have a clue what to put on the table? Are you organizing a party where sophisticated cakes aren't a suitable match? This is an easy, quick, and overtasty solution :) I do strongly recommend :) They're...
  • Rafaello

    Przepis dodany:
    Finally! :) After few considerations and reading many descriptions about this cake, I finally decided to prepare it :) Prepare - not bake, because it is a non-baking cake! ;) (and I really, really love such cakes - time&energy saving ;) ). I prepared...
  • Banana Pancakes

    Przepis dodany:
    Banana Pancakes
    Fantastic! I finally managed to prepare them ;) With an irreplaceable help of Nigella's 'Feast' Book :)I do recommend them, they're outrageous!Ingredients:1 banana150g of flour1 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda30g butter1 egg250ml of...
  • Tropical Pavlova

    Przepis dodany:
    Tropical Pavlova
    I have no idea why I was hesitating for such long time... this is absolutely gorgeous... It exceeded all my expectations :) not only its appearance on the table is wonderful but the taste is just overdelicious! sweet meringue with tropical fruits! this is...
  • Monte Coffee

    Przepis dodany:
    Monte Coffee
    I really enjoy trying new tastes of coffee out! That's why, for example, I never order in a restaurant a coffee that I can prepare on my own at home ;)So, today, here is a cute and very sweet idea from MK Cafe website :) It contains a well-known...
  • Pasta with basil pesto

    Przepis dodany:
    Pasta with basil pesto
    Ohhh my! this is the very best meal I've recently eaten! And it might be prepared in many different variations as there are a few types of pesto :) Another advantage, for those of You, who has little time - some of the ingredients - like pesto - might be...
  • Cinnamon Buns

    Przepis dodany:
    Cinnamon Buns
    My beloved I. asked me to buy him some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, as he likes them very, very much, especially warm... but unfortunately I haven't found any in shops nearby...still I wanted so much to make such a lovely surprise for him, so instead of...
  • Pumpkin muffins

    Przepis dodany:
    Pumpkin muffins
    During such cruelly cold weather there is nothing better than a comfortable chair, mug with steaming tea(or cocoa ;) ) and.... something sweet and tasty, for the pleasure... like these muffins ;) These are one of my naphew's favourites :) Not really...
  • Mascarpone Pancakes

    Przepis dodany:
    Mascarpone Pancakes
    Me and my I., we have eaten them in a restaurant, we were both smitten with their taste, so I decided to prepare them on my own at home :) That's a very tasty idea, for instance for those of you who don't eat meat on friday or enjoy eating...
  • Bajadera

    Przepis dodany:
    I know, I know, there has been an enormous break, but I'll do my best to make it up to you :)Bajadera. What is it? Well - that's a fantastic, last second idea, always works, always delicious and you'll always hear a question 'where did you buy them?!' ;)...
  • Gourmet Sensation vol. 2

    Przepis dodany:
    Gourmet Sensation vol. 2
    Here is another version of my Gourmet Sensation. Don't try to call it 'worse' or 'poor'! ;) You will have problems to stop devouring it ;) It is same easy and same tasty :) And - it gets better with time :) Ingredients:2-3 packs of biscuits (butter...
  • Orange-Chocolate Cheesecake

    Przepis dodany:
    Orange-Chocolate Cheesecake
    I was pretty unsure about this Cheesecake as I was doing it completely on my own and I was afraid of many, many things. But... I served it and all the guests were stunned! Asking where did I buy it. And they were even more shocked when I told them that I...
  • Christmas Trees

    Przepis dodany:
    Christmas Trees
    Ahhh, my favourite muffin dough in one of its creations... :) I bake them only once a year, for Christmas cause of that smell and taste... mmmm! :) entire house smells of cinammon while baking them :) that increases the Christmas atmosphere ;) So - this...
  • Tart Tatin

    Przepis dodany:
    Tart Tatin
    I've hardly made a picture of that cake! I would say it's the second best cake I've ever eaten after Gourmet Sensation. Deriving from France, Tart Tatin is a cake for a fans of 'wet' cakes with lots of fruit and little dough. Very sweet, thanks to caramel...
  • Yoghurt Foam

    Przepis dodany:
    Yoghurt Foam
    Well I thought my oven should take a rest before Christmas baking and I needed to prepare a cake for st. Andrew's party... so here is a wonderful and mouth-watering idea for non-baking cake which not only looks very nice but also disappears from the plates...
  • Warming Up Lemons

    Przepis dodany:
    Warming Up Lemons
    Are you a person who freezes when the temperature falls below 10C? And a real horror starts when it falls below -10C? Are you slowly getting more and more hopeless trying to warm yourself up? Well - here is a perfect idea for an evening warm up, when you...
  • (Un?)usual Pomegranate

    Przepis dodany:
    (Un?)usual Pomegranate
    Appearance:Completely grown-up: spherical, bright red, purple, or orange-yellow colored fruits depending on the cultivar types. Each fruit measures about 6-10 cm in diameter and weighs about 200 gm. Its outer skin or rind is tough and features...

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